Indonesian SMA Hidayatullah Semarang study tour group visits University of Sanya

2024/3/1 15:08:14

In the morning of Feb 27th, the study tour group of SMA Hidayatullah Semarang, the high school located in central Java of Indonesia paid an educational visit to University of Sanya. The group consisted of 37 students and was led by the school's principal, Etik Ningsih.

The students visited the New Energy Automobile Laboratory, Super-computing Center, Saxo Fintech Business School, School of Management and Shushan Hall. They were impressed by the beautiful campus and sites visited. They have learned about the development and achievements of new energy vehicle, fintech and E-commerce of China during the visit. In the student presentation session, they expressed their love and yearning of USY and said that they hoped to return to this university as a tourist or an International student in the future. To show their appreciation, the students performed a wonderful Indonesian dance.




Ms. Etik Ningsh, the Principal, expressed the gratitude for the warm reception and considering arrangement of USY. She said that the study tour provided a great opportunity for their students to enhance understanding of China, and also broadened their international vision. She hoped to establish a closer tie with USY and helped their students to obtain more chances to understand Hainan, Sanya and the university.


The international study tour is a significant method to help primary and secondary school students to learn about foreign universities and colleges and broaden their international horizons. As an open university, USY welcomes students from all over the world and provides them with an immersive experience to know about China's local customs and cultures as well as the educational model of the universities.

USY has established partnerships with the institutions of Indonesia, including YARSI University, Universitas Gunadarma, Asian International Friendship College, Indonesia/Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asin, Janabadra University, Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, University of Malang Muhammadiyah, Raffles Education Group and others. The teachers and students of the School of Humanities and Communications have been to the partner schools to teach Chinese. With the advantages of Hainan Free Trade Port in opening up to the world, USY will seek cooperation and development with the education institutions in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries by continuing its development and internationalization with the philosophy of "Global perspectives and Chinese feelings".


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Translated by Cong Shan

Revised by Zhang Yuhong